May 2013

Release 0.9.7b

April 2013

Release 0.9.6b

  • Added Level: Canis Major
  • Fixed bug with Mass Fabricators sometimes not giving the player money.
  • Changed some level descriptions to sound like they were written by an adult.

March 2013

Release 0.9.5b

  • Added Level: Bode's A
  • Improved some UI elements
  • Improved loading time
  • Added (completely optional) mircopayments.

Release 0.9b

Release 0.8b


Release 0.7a

Patch 0.7.1a

  • Fixed issue with campaigns not reloading existing data.

Release 0.6a

Patch 0.6.1a

  • Fixed bug with Centaurus A, so now level progress is properly saved.

Release 0.5a

Release 0.4a

  • Towers now target creeps furthest along the path, instead of those nearest the tower. Thanks to Caleb Hill for the suggestion.
  • Added Level: Fornax A
  • Added Tower: Nano Swarm which deals damage over time.

Release 0.3a

  • Added two example levels and 3 towers.

February 2013

Development Started

No public releases available.